My review of Fresh Meals 2U


Brisbane Meal Delivery Service: Fresh Meals 2U review


In brief

  • Website:
  • Delivery: To your door in a cool-box with ice packs
  • Average price for my delivered batch: $13.50/meal (inc delivery)
  • Meal type: Fresh



  • Delicious – a really nice mix of flavours & options



  • Size / value for money (too small for me)


My experience with Fresh Meals 2U

I tried Fresh Meals 2U for 2 weeks and ordered a bunch of meals that looked & sounded nice from their flexible online menu. The delivery arrived nice and early – very early, in fact… 3am! Luckily they left the box outside and didn’t ring my doorbell. I found this great, as it meant the meals weren’t sitting outside all day (which can sometimes be an issue in summer) – I just put them in the fridge before I left for work The other cool thing was the SMS I received, with a photo of my front door showing where the meal box was placed. Maybe a little creepy, but hey – at least there’s proof the delivery was made!

The meals themselves were all very tasty – with my favourites being the spinach and ricotta ravioli, the spaghetti bolognese (but only the first batch – the second week it wasn’t as nice) and the lemon pepper chicken. This last meal didn’t seem particularly healthy, as the chicken seemed to be stuffed/served with cheese and butter …but then again they’re called Fresh Meals 2U, not Healthy Meals 2U – though their website does use the “healthy, clean eating” mantra a lot. Perhaps the excess cheese & butter was a one-off? Don’t get me wrong, this meal tasted amazing – but dripping in cheese and butter was probably the reason why.

One small downside is that Fresh Meals 2U don’t take AMEX (most of the other companies reviewed here did – even if it was just AMEX using PayPal). Annoyingly, Fresh Meals 2U don’t actually tell you this on their mobile payment page. Basically they let me enter my AMEX (twice), but it just refreshes the page with a generic “declined” message which didn’t tell me that it was declined due to the card type. As soon as I tried a different type of e card, things went through OK.

In terms of the ingredients, the vegies looked fresh and the meats lean with no fat or gristle. The only thing stopping this company from winning my multi-company meal comparison is the meal sizes …that is, for me. The average person wouldn’t have an issue with this but, as per my introduction, I’m a bodybuilder looking to put on size & they were too small (and too low on the macro’s) for me – however, meal sizes are very similar to YouFoodz and Healthy Meals To Your Door.

All in all, I would definitely order Fresh Meals 2U again – though not too often, as they are quite expensive given the meal sizes.


My overall rating of Fresh Meals 2U

  • My rating: 8 out of 10 for me
  • Wins on: Taste, quality, variety, freshness
  • Fails on: Cost / size
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Photos of Fresh Meals 2U

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