My review of Gym Food Australia


Brisbane Meal Delivery Service: Gym Food Australia review


In brief

  • Website:
  • Delivery: To your door in a freezer-box with ice packs
  • Average price for my delivered batch: $11/meal (inc delivery)
  • Meal type: Frozen



  • Spot on with macro’s – never seen so much protein in any of the other reviewed meals …great to see!
  • Lean meats
  • A good mix of flavours & meats



  • A couple of the meals tasted a little bland to me


My experience with Gym Food Australia

I tried Gym Food Australia for a week and the first thing that got my attention was the high amounts of lean protein in each container. In fact, their meals had the most protein out of any that I’ve ever reviewed, which was so refreshing to see – especially after being disappointed with other’s macros in the past.

The vegetables were all very fresh looking (ie. no brown or yucky bits as I’d seen with other meal providers) and most of the meals were very nice. Those I enjoyed most were Beef Stroganoff, Honey Soy Beef With Sweet Potato & Broccoli, and and the Chicken-Mince Bolognaise. A few of the meals were a little bland in my opinion; such as the Butter Chicken and the Mexican Pork And Sweet Potato Stew.

While I’ve only tried them for 1 week (so far), I can’t speak for variety – but the pack of 20 meals I ordered only had two of each kind, which kept things interesting for me. Ordering online was quick and easy & I enjoyed my time eating Gym Food Australia. Good value for money, spot-on with the macro’s and high quality meat makes Gym Food Australia a company that I’d buy from again and the current winner in my multi-company meal comparison. Well done!


My overall rating of Gym Food Australia

  • My rating: 9 out of 10 for me
  • Wins on: Macro’s, meat quality (no fatty bits)
  • Fails on: Taste (only some meals)
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  1. September 3, 2017  11:00 pm by Blake R Reply

    I'm frequently visiting your blog for reviews on these meal providers. As an athlete I'm considering trying Gym Food Australia. Thanks for putting in the hard work to share with us

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