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Brisbane Meal Delivery Service: Healthy Meals To Your Door review


In brief

  • Website:
  • Delivery: To your door in a cool-box with ice packs
  • Average price for my delivered batch: $10/meal (inc delivery)
  • Meal type: Fresh & frozen (mix)



  • Lean meats
  • Some meal components are in separate containers – felt like I was on a plane!
  • Delicious – a really nice mix of flavours & options



  • Size (too small for me)
  • Lots of containers = lots of waste


My experience with Healthy Meals To Your Door

I tried Healthy Meals To Your Door for 1 week and ordered their “5 Days (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks)” singles plan. When the meals arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how well everything was packed and compartmentalised. For example, the quinoa muesli with apple chunks, natural Greek-style yogurt and apple juice had all of the various items in four separate little containers / compartments. I thought this was quite good; not only does is stop the quinoa from being so incredibly soggy after sitting in the fridge for a few days, but it also means that if you don’t want to add apple juice to your muesli, then you didnt have to. The downside, of course, is that this creates a lot of plastic waste. Thankfully, everything is recyclable – plus I washed & saved some of the smaller containers and will likely use them again in future.

In terms of the meals & their ingredients, I was impressed to see everything was as ‘healthy’ as possible. Meals used filtered water, organic this, organic that… really good to see. Everything was fresh and delicious. A perfect example is fruit salad – normally the fruit (especially watermelon) would be squishy and soggy after 3 or 4 days in the same container – but it remained fresh, crisp and delicious. All fruit and veg was of fantastic quality – no brown or yucky bits.

The only thing stopping this company from winning my multi-company meal comparison is the meal sizes …that is, for me. The average person wouldn’t have an issue with this but, as per my introduction, I’m a bodybuilder looking to put on size & they were too small (and too low on the macro’s) for me – however, meal sizes are very similar to YouFoodz and FreshMeals2U.

All in all, I would definitely order Healthy Meals To your Door again – well done!


My overall rating of Healthy Meals To Your Door

  • My rating: 8.5 out of 10 for me
  • Wins on: Taste, quality, variety, freshness
  • Fails on: Cost / size
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