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Nice message from my PT

"Hi Andy, great work on the consistent food logging. Your nutrition is looking very much on key. How are you finding it in regards to helping you achieve your goals. Keep an eye on[...]

My new cutting diet

I received a new diet from my [old] trainer Grant today - he wants me to lower my carbs & stick to more of a paleo-type diet (which is good, because my BF is about to start on [...]

Workout Log 328

My first workout after being off sick for a week... taking it fairly lightly :-)   General Stuff Workout ID: 328 Set by: Me Date: 11/09/2012 Pre-workout motivation level: [...]

Workout Log 275

Jut a short session today; did legs & shoulders yesterday, which doesn't really put me in a good spot for a decent back workout...   General Stuff Workout ID: 275 Set b[...]

Workout Log 247

General Stuff Workout ID: 247 Set by: Me Date: 19/09/2011 Pre-workout motivation level: 7/10 Pre-workout supplement: Jack3d (1.5 scoops with juice) Workout rating: 8.1/10 Approx[...]