Workout Log – Shoulders & Abs

 Workout Logs : 2013-03-26
Exercise Name 1 RM Lifting Logs
Progress Chart Arm Circles 20 0.0×20
Progress Chart Dumbbell Shoulder Press 25.33 17.5×8,20.0x8,20.0×7
Progress Chart Smith Machine Shoulder Press 67.83 45.0×8,50.0x8,55.0×7
Progress Chart Cable Up Right Row 84.5 50.0×10,60.0x10,65.0×9
Progress Chart Alternate Standing Front Dumbbell Raises 15.2 10.0×10,10.0x10,12.0×8
Progress Chart Rope Crunch 82.5 55.0×15,55.0x15,55.0×12
Progress Chart Front Plate Raise 25.33 10.0×15,20.0x8,20.0×6
Progress Chart Bent Over Low Pulley Lateral 15.83 12.5×8,10.0x10,11.0×8
Progress Chart Cable Reverse Fly 14 11.0×8,10.0x10,10.0×12
Progress Chart Crunches with Legs on an Exercise Ball 20 0.0×20,0.0x20,0.0×20
Progress Chart Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug 45.83 25.0×25,25.0x25,25.0×25
Progress Chart Cable Shrug 150 80.0×15,90.0x15,100.0×15

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